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Every time you buy a Ruby Cup, you donate another one to a school girl in need. A Ruby Cup helps her stay in school and relieves her from the monthly stress of not being able to afford pads and having to make do with old rags, tissues and toilet paper. Getting access to a healthy and sustainable menstrual product, combined with an educational workshop that opens a safe space to discuss puberty and menstruation, offers our users a chance to live their periods in with knowledge, dignity and without shame.

Educational Workshops

The distribution of Ruby Cup requires a thorough educational workshop: local NGOs teach our new users about menstrual health and how to use a Ruby Cup.

We teach our users about reproductive health, we bring down taboos, shame and harmful beliefs surrounding menstruation to help girls and women make better choices for their bodies.


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Teaching female anatomy and menstrual hygiene management in Mathare Kenya menstrualcup ruby cup femme international

Femme International Feminine Health Management Workshop in Kenya.


Let’s talk about the female body

Our educational workshop includes information on reproductive health, menstrual care and how to use a Ruby Cup.

We always aim to create a safe space and to encourage communication and interaction between the trainer and the students. We use charts, drawings and games to engage our participants.

The trainers are always experienced Ruby Cup users themselves, to make sure they can talk about menstrual cups from direct experience and answer any question that might come up.

Femme International Ruby Cup Education Material for girls in Africa Menstrual Cup
The Femme International booklet about female anatomy and menstrual hygiene management. 

Our menses, Our Pride.

Menstruation is still a taboo and most girls do not have access to information about what is happening to their bodies. The stigma surrounding periods and menstrual blood, together with the lack of access to menstrual care products, means that many girls are afraid and ashamed when they menstruate. This has a negative effect on their performance in school, self-esteem and self-image. Our goal is to normalise periods and to help them become “Champions of Menstruations”, as one of our Ruby Cup Trainers mentions:

Unfortunately, young girls are at risk of experiencing unwanted pregnancies, STIs and HIV and many find themselves in very harsh situations, such as being expelled from school and their homes and being forced to seek illegal abortions. Our workshop aims to debunk myths regarding the female body and to deliver sound information on reproductive health so the participants can make better choices for themselves.

The Ruby Cup Distribution

Girls see a menstrual cup for the first time Ruby Cup Femme International
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This is the part where most of the girls see a menstrual cup for the first time. They are taught how to use it, clean and care for their Ruby Cup. The session is kept interactive and they are encouraged to ask questions about any doubts they might have.

Sustained support

The educational workshops and distributions are only the initial part of a successful programme. Once the girls start using a Ruby Cup, many questions will arise and it is crucial that they receive ongoing support. This happens in the form of visits to the schools after some months of use. We also ensure that an experienced Ruby Cup user (such as school teacher or school “mother” at boarding schools) is available and willing to answer the new users’ questions.

How to Insert a Ruby CUp

Over time, a peer-to-peer support network emerges, where the most experienced users (perhaps the girls in the year above, that have bee using Ruby Cup for months) help the newbies. This encourages communication and the creation of a safe space, where the users can have very much needed discussions about puberty, adolescence and the changes their bodies are going through.


“When you empower a girl,

you empower a community”



We truly believe that educating girls, providing them with Ruby Cups and giving them sustained support creates a real impact in their lives and therefore also a positive, long-term impact for their communities.

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