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Lack of access to menstrual care products is a global problem.

Women and girls affected by poverty face problems during their periods because they simply cannot afford menstrual care products.

Without proper sanitary products, girls and women are forced to use unsafe substitutes (like mud, rags or old newspapers), which do not absorb well and often carry serious health implications in terms of infections and diseases.

Unsafe materials girls in Kenya have to use during their mensturation because they cannot afford tampons or pads.

Menstruation is an overlooked barrier to development and it has a significant impact on education, gender dynamics, equality and basic human dignity. Studies show that girls miss up to 20% of their school tiem because they stay home out of fear of leaking and staining their clothes in public during their period. This absenteeism cause many girls to drop out of school entirely.

This is Annet’s story:

The UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) calls unsanitary menstrual hygiene protection an overlooked problem that hinders achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of universal education and gender equality.

Our solution: Buy One, Give One!

For every Ruby Cup we sell, we donate another one to a girl in East Africa. Ruby Cup is a healthy, eco-friendly and long lasting solution and also a conversation-starter on the topic of reproductive health.

Ruby Cup Buy one, give one. Keeping firls in school with a menstrual cup. Menstruation education

Through our Buy One, Give One programme, we distribute the Ruby Cups in collaboration with local partner organisations. With Ruby Cup, girls can go through primary school, secondary school and all the way to college, enjoying worry-free periods, feeling confident and empowered.

Ruby Cup Field Work in East Afrika. Providing girls in slums with menstrual cups to keep them in school

We build sustainable partnerships and ensure that all the necessary resources, ongoing support and adequate surroundings are in place. We believe this is the way forward to create a long-lasting impact and improve the lives of girls and women. Regardless of her income, no girl or woman should be hindered by her menstruation.

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