Ruby Cup reviews from health experts

“In my daily work I see many women who suffer from vaginal problems around the time of menstruation – often it is menstrual hygiene products and tampons that are the cause. This is why I recommend Ruby Cup, because it is a healthy and sustainable alternative to pads and tampons. Ruby Cup is a sensible option particularly for women who suffer from dryness and who want to reduce the risk of bacterial infections and odour. Unfortunately there is still little information about the questionable and potentially harmful ingredients in disposable hygiene products.” – Claudia A. Pfeiffer, (Alternative Naturopathic Practitioner)

“Ruby Cup is really secure, even after spending 7 hours outside, biking and climbing the stairs. That is new for me! The diameter doesn’t look any bigger than Luna Cup but the capacity is bigger and it holds more. I really like the stem which makes removal very easy. Overall I would choose a Ruby Cup, especially for my heavier days.”
– Anna Kolb (Midwife)

I am an advocate of menstrual cups and not only because of the ecological benefits. I argue with patients in my seminars that women who have the risk of vaginal infection should definitely switch to pads or menstrual cups. (And if Ruby Cup have a social mission too, I am an even a bigger fan!) – Heide Fischer, (Practitioner; Specialist for Naturopathy in Gynaecology)

User Reviews

Customer reviews

“I just wanted to say I really love my Ruby Cup. I have several brands of menstrual cups and this is the most comfortable one I own, plus it’s perfectly ideal for my low cervix. Thank you for making such an awesome product!” – Angela

“I have been using your cup for awhile now and I am so thankful I found it! I have endometriosis and the difference switching to a reusable menstrual product from disposables has made a huge difference for me. I have less pain and not as heavy of a flow with my menstrual cycle now. Not to mention your company’s ethics…Helping others and empowering girls/women. Again thank you for making such an amazing product that has truly changed my life!” – Jessica

“It took me a while to try out a menstrual cup the first time, but it only took me about 2 minutes to realize I would NEVER go back to tampons. It is honestly rare that there are so many pro’s to something; better for the environment, more economical, better for your health AND more convenient and comfortable!” – Anna

“I now was able to compare the Ruby Cup to other brands. The Ruby Cup is much better processed than the others. The material has a great quality, you can’t see any seams or uneven parts, like on the Lunette or Femmecup. The cup’s performance is good. It pops up easily and its removal and cleaning is simple. So the cup is just great!” – Customer, anonymous by request

Feedback from Kenya

“Life as a girl from a humble background has never been easy for many, every girl has a dream to be a symbol of change as she grows. I came from a province where discipline was a responsibility of every parent. The city and towns has reversed this to discipline that lies in the girl child. It pains walking down the slums finding beautiful innocent girls already mums at age 12, turned to child labour or exchange their bodies for sanitary towels. Whenever we chat it comes out clearly “I have provided school fees for you, the rest, find it for yourself.” guardians/parents word. I long for a day when this talk changes to better healthy and responsible guidance from parents/guardians and every member in the society. As a field officer I mentored girls through Ruby cup menstrual education and it has been a great joy and I celebrate seeing girls graduate class eight to High School, being able to make positive choices in their lives. I did it and I believe we can make a change, Change starts with you. LONG LIVE RUBY CUP.” – Ruby Cup trainer, Maximilla from Kenya

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