How you can get involved

For every Ruby Cup you buy, we donate another one to a girl who doesn’t have access to safe menstrual care products.

But there are many ways to support Ruby Cup’s mission beyond buying a Ruby Cup.

Providing a sustainable menstrual health care product plays a big part in helping everyone everywhere have better periods. The product itself is only half as powerful if its purpose is still wrapped in stigma and shame. That’s why we believe that a change of mindset is just as powerful and important as a safe menstrual care product.

Here is how you can get involved and help make menstruation matter:

Get involved in our May Campaign

May is always an exciting month for Ruby Cup. It’s the month where we double our donations in our Buy One, Give One programme. This literally means that instead of our regular Buy One, Give One, each purchased Ruby Cup will give two more to girls who lack access to healthy and sustainable menstrual care products.

In other words, you can give 10 years of worry-free periods to yourself (or a friend) and two girls in need, for a price equal to 5 cups of coffee — or 4-5 months worth of waste generating tampons or pads. Yep, you got it: That’s a huge favour to you, Mother Earth, your wallet and two school girls.

Why are we hosting this campaign in May? 28th of May is Menstrual Health Day, a good reason to double our efforts in working towards a world where every menstruating person has a dignified and safe period.

Sounds exciting? Read more about our May campaign here.

Here’s how you can get involved in our May Campaign if you don’t need a Ruby Cup

  • Tell a friend: Maybe a friend of yours was recently thinking of trying a menstrual cup – well, May is the perfect month to do so. Feel free to share this special coupon code with anyone who might be interested. It’s BUY1GIVE2FRIEND and will give a 10% discount for every Ruby Cup purchased in our online store during the month of May.
  • For this campaign we’re bringing back the taboo-breaking tote bag which will include two Ruby Cup donations that will help girls have 10 years of worry-free periods.
  • Share the campaign page using #Buy1Give2 and feel free to post our Champions of Menstruation Video.

Tell your friends

Menstrual cups are the perfect topic to dive into a conversation about periods. Sharing your enthusiasm for Ruby Cup with your friends can be a powerful way of inspiring others to make the switch. If you’re interested in receiving more information and materials, we’re happy to hear from you at

Spread the word online

A small post can go a long way. Join our discussion on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or share period positive content on your social media! Maybe it will be exactly your post that will spark the interest in some of your friends to look further into sustainable period products (they’ll thank you later).

Let’s collaborate!

If you are a NGO, please write us at

If you are a reseller and want to join our social mission by stocking Ruby Cup, please contact us via our reseller form.

If you are a YouTuber, Blogger, Instagrammer, find more information about our affiliate programme here.

If you are a medical professional or a menstrual health educator, please reach out via

Try Ruby Cup with no strings attached

Every Ruby Cup comes with a life-changing Buy One, Give One cup donation and a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Switch size or get a full refund within 120 days, no questions asked.