Q&A with Bryony Farmer from Precious Star Pads

There’s a place on YouTube that has answers to all of your menstrual cup questions. It’s a channel called Precious Star Pads by this stellar person called Bryony.

This is her:

Bryony Precious Star Pads

At the end of April, we met with her and filmed a youtube video. Together we got to the bottom of some of the most common menstrual cup and period questions.

You were curious for some of Bryony’s top menstrual cup cleaning tips, how menstrual cups influence cramps and which menstrual cup is the best for doing sports. Enjoy the video:

Check the timestamps in the description of the video to get right to the question you’re looking an answer for.

We hope this video answered some of your questions. If you’re still curious about some things, be sure to check out our blog, where we answer even those questions you didn’t dare to ask, our FAQ section or shoot us an e-mail :)

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Leanka Sayer

Leanka’s job is to talk about periods. She is currently the Content and Community Manager at Ruby Cup, an award-winning social business that sells menstrual cups, where for every Ruby Cup you buy, you automatically donate another one to a girl in need. She advocates for period positivity and having a healthy relationship with your menstrual cycle. Leanka studied Communication Science in Vienna and has been working for Ruby Cup since February 2014 - first in Berlin, now in Barcelona.