Landfill forced to shut down due to lack of tampon waste.

tampon waste

For years women have been praising the menstrual cup for its positive health benefits, but many also switch from pads or tampons to a menstrual cup to produce less waste during their periods.

Only recently this reusable menstrual health product is gaining popularity and is making its way into mainstream use.

For a small town in Germany, this has turned into a problem. Menstrual cups and the zero waste movement have become so popular that the local landfill had to shut down due to lack of waste! What used to be filled with tampons, is now clean green space!.

Sven M., formerly employed at the landfill took his recent unemployment well: “My wife also uses a menstrual cup. It’s great to see how a seemingly small change in your daily routine can have a positive impact for the environment. It cost me my job, but actually, this is great news”.




Jokes aside, tampon waste is a real problem

Tampon waste is a real environmental issue we need to talk about. In a single year, 1.000.000 tonnes of waste from disposable menstrual products end up in landfills and sewer systems. In that same year, 170.000 plastic applicators can be found along the coastal areas of the US.


Menstrual Cups really are the solution.

The eco-friendliness and sustainability of menstrual cups is undeniable. Reusable for up to 10 years, each person with a period can save up to 12.000 tampons during the menstruating part of their life.

We calculated how much tampon waste all Ruby Cup users saved in 2016:


Which literally equals what the statue of Ramses weighs:


Or 182 Elephants:


Start a zero waste period today

Tell your friends about Ruby Cup and how much waste they can save by switching to a menstrual cup. You can give them this coupon code: ZEROWASTE (15% discount, valid until April 2, 2017) to help them join the sustainable period movement. And maybe, some day in the future, a heading like the one above will not be an April fool’s but some actual news.

(PS: Sven M. will be welcome to come work with us if he’s truly out of a job because of menstrual cups.)

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