Ruby Cup’s Annual Impact Reports

People sometimes ask, if we are a social project or a for-profit business. Because of our Buy One Give One model, which has been at the heart of Ruby Cup from the very beginning, we are both: A social business where profit and impact go hand in hand.

In our Annual Impact Reports, we share the impact our customers and community help create. The waste we collectively save, the lives that are changed and the number of Ruby Cups that have been distributed to girls and women in need to make a real, longterm difference — thanks to you!


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Thanks for making 2016 a fabulous year – together we are stronger!

Have a look at both the social and environmental impact you’ve been part of creating and share with your friends:

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Become a part of 2018’s impact!

Here’s how you can get involved, simply donate a Ruby Cup or get a Ruby Cup (including the donation) and start a new period experience – for yourself and for a girl in need.

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