PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

Tired of feeling down with PMS? Sick of the ups and downs? There are simple lifestyle changes that you can make to ease some of your monthly problems. Premenstrual Syndrome is very common among women in the lead up to their period.

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What is PMS?

PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) is used to describe premenstrual symptoms which occur in women around the time of their period. Between ovulation and the first day of your period, your hormones levels rise and fall, and this fluctuation can cause changes to your body and your mood.

PMS is very common but there are simple ways to beat the blues and manage pains.

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Recognising the symptoms of PMS can help you to beat the onset of common problems. These are the most typical menstrual symptoms and ways to minimise the impact they have on your life:


Get plenty of sleep in the weeks before your period.


If you lead a high-stress lifestyle try to take more time every day just for you, have a bath, read your favourite book or head outside for a walk.


Avoid caffeine and try to get your 8 hours of sleep a night.

Mood swings or irritability

Some gentle exercise releases feel good hormones which can combat erratic mood swings. Check out some healthy exercise tips below.

Bloated stomach

Eat well. Fruit and vegetables are best, and try to avoid sugary and fatty foods before your period. Check below for great period cramp advice.

Tender breasts

Don’t work out too hard, swap the intense gym session for relaxing yoga or a few lengths in the pool.

5 Top ways to beat premenstrual syndrome

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1. Exercise

Try to get 15 minutes of exercise a day, go outside and do a sport or activity that you enjoy. Exercise will  relieve tensions, stretch your muscles and release feel-good hormones. You can find some great yoga positions in our Menstrual Cramps section – relieve pain while you exercise!

2. Sleep well

Get 8 hours of sleep a night and you will feel rested and full of energy to take on the day!


3. Diet

Eat a balanced diet. Avoid sugary, salty foods and caffeine. Fruit and vegetables will give you a good balance  of the vitamins and minerals. (However, we do feel that chocolate is a pre-menstrual necessity! Treat yourself!)

4. De-stress

Clearing your mind and relaxing your body will make dealing with stress and anxiety easier. Have a  bath, do yoga or go for a gentle walk outdoors. Socialising is also great for treating low emotions or worry – company  and conversation are great for improving your mood.


5. You time

Make time in your day for some ‘you’ time, even if that is just reading your favourite book, enjoying a hobby or soaking in a hot bath.


When to see a doctor

If you feel that PMS is disrupting your life, or your menstrual cycle symptoms become difficult to manage, visit your doctor for a health check. There are medical and alternative therapy treatments available, so get a consult if you feel concerned.

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